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Expat – Thai Enthusiast

When we started out in 2015 the project was a two-person venture, and we had one goal: to share our different views of Thailand with the world. During the last 5 years, this project is grown into a company, and our team has grown as well, but the goal is still the same. So, all of our Team members share the same vision.

Our Team Members


Our Co-Founder and Company CEO is still focused on increased development to enhance customer experience and exposure to the world. Dirk is a motorcycle enthusiast who loves to do solo rides cross country and family trips with a pickup to Thailand’s national parks. He creates fascinating photos and video footage all along the way during his tours. Camping and five+ star hotels both fit well to his definition of freedom.


She is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of TBG, and with her focus on Photo, Video, and Design, she has the flair to give an enthralling appeal to our followers. She puts a captivating visual to the stories for our readers no matter what means of travel, and she especially loves the sea. She runs the Craft Beer and Food reviews and is totally in love with seafood- which is especially amazing in Thailand!  Also, as a native of Bangkok, she brings a lot of information to our readers about big-city life, and of course the western and Thai fusion digital lifestyle.


Is the Co-Founder of The Bear LGBT, and a frequent contributor to our mainstream travel content pages. Originally from the dynamic world of Washington DC, USA, he has a unique perspective on the joys and challenges that face travelers with diverse orientations and world views. Choosing to live in a remote part of Isaan, Thailand’s “old country”, he also gives an inside view for our readers to appreciate the lesser-known wonders of Thai life off the tourist paths. But as an Expat American, he is still drawn to the exotic and loves Bangkok and the beaches. His stories from these places convey the dream of all travelers that want to know Thailand.


A freelance writer who lives for years in Thailand and different locations so he brings a lot of insight from Phuket, Ko Samui, or Chiang Mai and shares it with our audience.

Back Office

Of course, we can’t do all this great work without a team in the back who runs the daily office operations, Cutting the footage, editing the photos, administrating the webserver, and developing our websites. All this brings our own, and your, ideas to life.


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