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The Bear Group
TBG Is born out of a desire to share our experience of exploring Thailand like a local, and live a modern Western-Asian fusion digital lifestyle. We found that the Bear is the perfect way to symbolize our character and lifestyle message. We travel alone, we tour in small groups, or as family. We go to known places and stay in unknown or hidden places- We like our cave but love to travel!

Our Team

Expat – Thai Enthusiast
When we started out in 2015 the project was a two-person venture, and we had one goal: to share our different view of Thailand with the world. During the last 5 years this project is grown into a company, and our team has grown as well, but the goal is still the same. So, all of our Team members share the same vision.


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We have popular blogs around Travel, LGBT, modern digital Lifestyle, and expat experience that inspires and entertains readers. We are sharing helpful tips, stunning photos & videos on our blog and social media channels.

Sometimes it’s best to talk to somebody and get the story first hand. We are happy to listen and talk with you about your ideas and answer your questions about anything. Call us, and if we don’t answer right away, one of our team will call you back, or you can also message us by clicking below.


We will never send spam or sell your contact information. We are happy to hear from you!

How We Work

The Bear Working Style
Our highest goal is to create entertaining content where we share our own honest experience with our audience. As influencers, we want to bring you our true experiences, give you recommendations from our hearts, and share real-life moments. We insist on using only the best practices to add value to our audience.

As a media house, we work with companies to share their products, services, and ideas with our audience with advertising on our website or in content placements. We only do reviews by actually visiting the places, and using the products or services. We are looking for longtime partnerships that will help each other to grow. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your vision and ideas on how we can collaborate.

Our Brands

The Bear Group is a blog and vlog media house. We create content and share it with our fans, followers, readers, and members over our Brand Websites. As a Media House, we are always creating stunning photos, entertaining videos, and blog content around our core themes in these 3 brands below.

Travel like a local
This expat travel blog for Thailand and other countries is our oldest blog and focuses on individual travel. We speak to motorcyclists, families, campers, adventurers, Expats, and locals who want to discover the country outside of the typical travel paths. Check it out!

LGBT Travel & Life
Focuses on LGBTQ+ themes around Thailand, LGBT friendly locations, and LGBT events. We bring you special insights into the diversity of Thai society, and back you up with all the information that you need for an enjoyable short term or long term Stay in Thailand.

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